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Frequently Asked Questions

Once your newly installed lawn is down you will need to water immediately then every day after that for the first 7 days in your warmer months and then you can reduce your frequency after that. You should not let newly laid lawn to dry out. The best way to water your lawn is with a sprinkler as you give it a more even watering this way.  Once your lawn has established its root system you can reduce your watering to maybe once a week in the warmer months.

Yes you can install a new lawn in the cooler months, your lawn will not require as much water as the warmer months as you will not visually see much during the cooler mouths on top however the root system will start to establish ready for the warmer months.

1-2 Days is the general time frame from placing your order.

This is a separate service and cost will vary from access to quality.

Turf is a living plant and will need to be installed within the day of your delivery.

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