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Palmetto Buffalo turf is a soft leaf buffalo lawn this is suited for most areas including front and backyards. Requires less watering and maintenance than other Buffalo varieties. With an excellent green colour throughout the year, including autumn and winter in most regions, and its ability to out compete weeds, this Soft Leaf Buffalo is an ideal family lawn choice. It is well-suited for most parts of Australia.

Palmetto Characteristics

  • Low Maintenance
  • Excellent winter-green colour
  • Great drought tolerance

Hardy Palmetto Turf Ensures All Year Greenery Around Your Property

You can rely on the Turfworx palmetto turf to bring you year-round soft and luscious greenery around your property. This hardy variety is a landscaper’s dream and offers so many benefits to those who have to maintain it.

Benefits When You Buy Palmetto Turf in Sydney

You can save yourself much money and effort when you opt to lay palmetto grass on your property. This hardy lawn variety has a way of outperforming all other types of turf any time of the year.

  • You can expect your palmetto lawn to be green every day of the year. The variety is such a hardy and flourishing kind of grass, taking any weather conditions in its stride and ensuring your home or business property always has a luscious green appeal.
  • Water consumption is a major contributing factor to what your utility bill tallies up to at the end of the month. The expense is often a major concern to many who just invested in laying a fresh new lawn. These covered surfaces often require intensive watering leaving you with the hefty bill to settle. When you buy palmetto turf, this expense is of no real concern. Palmetto is a water-wise variant, meaning you can take a minimal approach to water your lawn.
  • Although the variant is hardy, its leaves are soft and luscious and the perfect surface for kids to play or to simply sit down and have a picnic. You can have a green and soft lawn without putting in much effort at all. Simply choose wisely and enjoy a lifetime of benefits.
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Related Services We Provide to Palmetto Turf in Sydney

We’ll be your trusted partners when it comes to your turf requirements in Sydney. You can choose to take advantage of all the benefits of our complete service when we deliver and lay your new lawn to achieve optimal results. Alternatively, you can also opt for our cheaper option where we only deliver the turf at your premises, and you take it from there. Either way, we offer several variants.

  • Kikuyu turf. This variety is a popular choice for schools and sporting fields as it does well in constant harsh sunlight. It performs beautifully during droughts and only struggles in shaded areas. It grows at a tremendous pace and delivers fantastic returns in your turf investment.
  • Sapphire Buffalo. This plant has fine leaves and above-average root depth. These two attributes of the plant contribute to its lower watering needs and the ability to remain green even during icy winters. It performs beautifully in shaded areas and can stand droughts to a certain degree. It’s a beautiful lawn to have under shade trees.
  • Winter Green Couch. The variant has a very dark green appeal and can hold onto its colour for most of the year. The main feature of the specific variant is that you can enjoy a dense, soft carpet as your lawn.

Fun facts About Palmetto

When you opt to install a lawn at your home, you are making a long-term investment in your quality of life and the value of your property. Here are some fun facts about your lawn when you opt for palmetto grass in Sydney.

  • It is the best-selling variant in the Buffalo group globally.
  • The variant is strong enough to compete with weeds from very early on.
  • Many consider it to be the most popular turf you can invest in, worldwide.

Do you want to enjoy the benefits of the world’s most famous turf? Don’t delay, contact us today and we’ll take care of your greenery.