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Sapphire Soft Leaf Buffalo lawn has all the benefits of the other high-performance Soft Leaf Buffalo grass, such as; needing less water, deep roots, greener in winter, a good sun or shade lawn and hard wearing. However, Sapphire Buffalo Turf has the added benefit of a finer texture and deep green colour.

Sapphire’s deep-rooted system means it will stay greener for longer in dry summer conditions and requires less watering than most lawns. Sapphire Turf maintains excellent winter colour and is well suited to be grown in homes Australia-wide.

Sapphire Buffalo Characteristics

  • Excellent winter-green colour
  • High Shade tolerate
  • Low maintenance
  • High Wear tolerance
  • Medium drought tolerance
  • Produces little seed head  ( common irritant for people with allergies )

We Supply and Install Sapphire Buffalo Turf

Grass plays a critical role in both commercial and residential settings. It provides a safe space for children and pets to play while being the centre of attention at a public park, school ground or at the local football club. Furthermore, it increases the aesthetics of its surroundings, especially with its dark, striking colour. Sapphire Buffalo Turf is the ideal type of grass for these settings and Turfworx supplies and installs it according to your requirements.

Benefits of Installing Sapphire Buffalo Turf in Sydney

Sapphire turf is indigenous to Australia and hails from the classic Sir Walter Buffalo turf. It’s the next generation of turf that adds sophistication to any environment with its luxurious texture and deep green colour. While there are numerous options available which make it difficult to decide, these are the benefits of installing a Sapphire Buffalo turf.

  • Sapphire turf is ideal for areas that withstand constant traffic. It has an excellent recovery rate which enables it to undergo hard wear and tear. This type of turf is resistant to weeds as a result of its robust, dense growth.
  • There’s always the concern about grass losing its colour, especially during winter. However, the Sapphire soft leaf buffalo lawn is perhaps better than older bred turf in the same category to maintain its dark, green colour during winter. If you fertilise it during April, you should have beautiful looking lawn throughout the year. For this reason, people prefer this type of turf in high-visibility areas around the home, parks and public spaces.
  • This turf thrives in both hot and cold weather conditions. While turf, in general, will decrease in quality if it’s not given ample sunlight, the Sapphire Buffalo turf flourishes in areas with up to 70 percent shade.

Tips for Getting More Value Out of Sapphire Turf in Sydney

After installing this incredible variety of turf, it’s up to you to maintain its condition. If you leave it unattended, it will wilt away and fade in colour and leave you with patchy grass instead of a sprawling lawn.

  • If your lawn is completely exposed to the sun, you can mow it down to 35-45-mm. However, in the shade, keep it trimmed to 50-60-mm in length.
  • You must water the lawn within half an hour of installation to help establish it and lay down its roots. We recommend adding two to three centimetres of water until the soil beneath the grass is thoroughly wet. In the summer, you can water it twice a week for 15 minutes and in the winter, once a week for 45 minutes.
  • A month after installation, you need to add a slow-release fertiliser to help it grow. In April and September, you can use a complete fertiliser for the best results.

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