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Kikuyu  is a native of the highlands of East Africa and is now the naturalised in many coastal and inland regions of Australia. Kikuyu will thrive in full sun and maintain a healthy appearance. Poor and sparse growth will occur in shady areas. This variety is durable and will tolerate dry spells. Kikuyu is a medium broad leaf which has a vigorous growth rate, it is  best suited for schools, sports fields and commercial areas, Overall it is quite an economical lawn to use.

Kikuyu Characteristics


  • High performance
  • Excellent drought tolerance
  • Low shade tolerance
  • Suited for schools and sporting fields

Use the Characteristics of Kikuyu Turf in Sydney to Your Benefit

Our team at Turfworx can provide you with quality Kikuyu turf in Sydney, which will bring you an abundance of benefits and add value to your property when you plant grass. Every single variant of turf has some outstanding features which deliver exceptional results in specific areas, and we can help you find the best-suited solution.

Problems Kikuyu grass in Sydney Addresses

Every different turf variant has a unique set of pros and cons. We offer several different variants to deliver precisely what you need according to your location and dimension specifications.

  • Kikuyu doesn’t flourish in shaded areas, but it is a beautiful coverage in places with prolonged exposure to sunlight. The specific attribute of the variant is what makes it such a practical option for large open areas such as school grounds.
  • You don’t have to be too concerned about watering your Kikuyu turf often as it is quite comfortable with drought areas. The minimal water requirements of the variant are why it is easy to maintain large Kikuyu covered surfaces cost-effectively.
  • Kikuyu turf needs minimal resources from its environment while showing a tremendous growth speed. As it flourishes so well and grows so fast, it is a fantastic option for sporting fields often in need of recovery after games.

As long as you steer away from shaded areas, your Kikuyu grass will flourish in Sydney.


Tips Regarding Kikuyu Turf

As one of the leading suppliers of turf in the Sydney region, we always have several different variants to offer. As each variety has unique benefits, so too does each variant have specific maintenance requirements.

  • All turf needs water, but you need to be very careful not to overwater Kikuyu. Because Kikuyu does so well in droughts, it doesn’t need much water. As long as the roots are moist during the early stages after installation, it will be fine. Afterwards, you only need to water it once a week at most.
  • When mowing your Kikuyu lawn, it’s crucial to only cut off at most 40 percent of the leaf. Cutting the leaves too short is probably the worst thing you can do to your Kikuyu turf.
  • Another final point worth mentioning is to ensure that your mower blades are always sharpened when you mow Kikuyu. Blunt blades will tear the leaves at their ends instead of giving a clean cut.

About Turfworx

Our team operates independently in Sydney as a trusted and reputable provider of quality grass and accessories. When you buy Kikuyu turf, we can take care of the installation process of your weed-free guaranteed lawn. Alternatively, we’ll take care of speedy delivery to your property, and you take care of the rest. Our portfolio portrays some of the greenest lawns around the city at both domestic and commercial properties.

Speak to us about which grass variant you should buy to best answer your needs.